John Muir
Middle School
707 Letts Ave., Corcoran, CA 93212
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of frequently asked questions by the parents and students of John Muir Middle School. For more details, please refer to our student handbook located in the Quick Links section of our home page. Please read and review the handbook with your child. For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does John Muir MS offer any counseling services for the student body?

John Muir Middle School is proud to partner with Kinds View Mental Health to provide counseling services for any students who would like to participate. We have members of the Kings View staff on our campus two times each week facilitating a group session. We require parent permission for students to participate. JMMS also partners with Kings County Social Services.

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What are the student expectations at JMMS?

We have listed student responsibilities in our student handbook. Each student should read these often and be familiar with their personal responsibilities as John Muir Wildcats:

  • Be at school and to all classes on time every day.
  • Students must be in their designated area when the tardy bell rings.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Do your best work in all of your classes.
  • Report to each class prepared to work.
  • Students must have and use their agenda at school according to their instructors.
  • Abide by all school rules and follow the directions of all staff members.
  • You are responsible for your own behavior and decisions.
  • We encourage students to seek the assistance of the school’s staff and make appointments through the front office.
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Does John Muir Middle School have a dress code?

We do ask that our students abide by our school dress code. Below is a brief outline of our dress code. Please read our student handbook for a full outline of dress expectations.

  • Colors and Logos: We do not allow students to wear red or royal blue to school unless it is school-sponsored clothing. We allow all other colors and patterns for clothing. Our students should avoid wearing any shade of blue, excluding denim blue jeans. Students may wear a minimal amount of red or blue as an accent. Please avoid wearing clothing with words and images. We also do not allow any pro sports team logos on clothing, keychain lanyards, backpacks, or any other similar items.
  • Students must wear a collared shirt with sleeves unless it is a school-sponsored shirt approved by the principal. 
  • Please do not wear any clothing that is torn, worn, ripped, has holes, or is rough-cut. We do not allow bike shorts, sweatpants, warm-ups, pajamas, hip-huggers, military style, tight, or form-fitting apparel. 
  • Students must wear close-toed shoes at all times; we do not allow sandals. Heels may not be not higher than one inch. 
  • We do not allow beanies, hats, or head coverings except for the approved sun protective headwear.
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Are there any rules regarding the personal use of technology?

In order to use laptops, iPads, iPods, etc. at school, the students and parents will sign and agree to the terms of our technology contract. We expect students to use technology as directed by their instructor to acquire resources and to pursue intellectual activities. Students may not use these technological items for any purpose that conflicts with the goals of the technology policy of the Corcoran Unified School District or for illegal or unethical purposes. Misuse disciplinary actions could range from a behavior contract step to a major violation and the student may lose the privilege of using technology at school for a designated amount of time, to be determined by the staff and/or an administrator. We are very fortunate to have these wonderful tools, and we desire that students use them properly.

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What is the protocol if my child must be absent from school?

Please try to have your child to school every day possible. Attendance is crucial to earning acceptable grades. We will take every possible step to verify absences at John Muir Middle School. Please help the school by letting us know why your child is absent.

  • Verification of absence includes a telephone call or a note from the parent, guardian, or doctor indicating the reason the student was absent. A telephone call is preferred as soon as possible. If a phone call is not possible, please send a note with the student as soon as he/she returns.
  • Parents or others dropping students off late for school need to accompany the student into the office and sign them into school while providing the reason for the tardiness/truancy.
  • We will make an automated/computer-generated phone call to the parents of a student absent from school where absences were not previously verified.
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