John Muir
Middle School
707 Letts Ave., Corcoran, CA 93212
Students sit at their desks in a classroom


At John Muir Middle School, we believe students can thrive in school if they have the right tools. Our Interventions program is designed to help students and provide them with the resources they need for academic success. 

Intensive Intervention for Reading

We have two intervention programs available for students that need additional assistance in reading. The students needing help in reading are placed in an RTI program. This works on their reading, English, and social studies skills through a variety of methods. Our general RTI class for those that need the most assistance has a class size of under 25 and an instructional aide. Students work through vocabulary and either phonics or whole language if needed to gain the additional skills they need to get to grade level. Those students that do not need as much help in reading are placed in a grade-level RTI where they receive English and social studies help - often focusing on those skills that they are also using in their grade-level English and social studies classes. Both classes use Reading Plus to help students. This computer-based program not only helps students with comprehension but also fluency, vocabulary, and the ability to read for longer periods of time. The program only uses non-fiction stories giving students an experience in social studies, science, etc. at the same time.

Intensive Intervention for Math

Students who need additional assistance with math are placed in an MTSS class (Multiple Tiered System of Support) using the online intervention program called Imagine Math as well as manipulatives and a focus on what they are learning in their grade level math class. The purpose of the additional math class is to support and fill gaps students might have in their math instruction without pulling them off grade-level instruction.

Wildcat Den

Students who fall below in GPA are assigned Wildcat Den after school to help them with their education. Wildcat Den is additional instruction after school with licensed teachers. Parents may also place their students into this class if they wish.