John Muir
Middle School
707 Letts Ave., Corcoran, CA 93212
Students sit at their desks in a classroom

Promotion Requirements

Our promotion requirements are as follows:

  • All students to need to have quality grades.
    • 2.0 GPA while at JMMS or above a 2.5 for 8th grade year
  • Students need to have excellent behavior.
    • No more than one major discipline incident in 8th grade year. Note, a suspension in the 4th quarter may result in the student being ineligible for extra curricular activities (such as promotion) even if it is the first.
  • Students need to have good attendance.
    • 95% attendance in 8th grade year (seven tardies count as an absence in this category)
  • Students need to end on a high note.
    • Passing all classes in the 4th quarter
  • Students must have received a score of standard met (3) or standard exceeded (4) on both the 7th grade SBAC ELA test and math test.
    • If students failed to receive a passing score they will be given chances to learn the missing skills in assist classes (guide tutor for ELA and math lab or math/sci lab for math). Students must pass all four quarters of their assist class in order to be eligible for promotion.